Trade iN

Do you have unused or unwanted miniatures?  As avid gamers we have had many.  Did you ever want to trade in these minis for new shinies?  Well you are in luck!  Mastermind Models and Miniatures has a trade in program that will allow you to do just that!  We will take your old minis off your hand and replace them with store credit that you can purchase anything your heart desires.  You can trade in for anything in our retail or if you are really nice (and a bit lucky) maybe something new painted by the Mastermind himself!  But how does the process work?  So glad you asked!

How does it work?

  1. Make a list of items you would like to trade.  It is helpful if you take pictures as well.
  2. Fill out the trade in form below.
  3. M3Studios responds and requests pictures if you have any.
  4. M3Studios submits an offer to you.
  5. Accept or refuse the offer (possibly haggle).
  6. Send your items to us.
  7. Think of what you would like to purchase with your credit.
  8. We acknowledge that we have your items and your credit is issued!
  9. Purchase new shinies with the credit you have earned!
  10. We send your items to you or if you are local you pick them up at the store.

Trade In Form

Every trade is accepted on a case by case basis.  We reserve the right to accept or deny any trade for any reason.