The Crew at Mastermind


Clay Williams

Dad,Artist, Owner, and Master Painter at Mastermind Models and Miniatures
"I have been painting models since the 1990's. I got my start in miniature painting when I was introduced to Warhammer in 1995 at the WoTC arcade in Seattle, Washington. From there I eventually went on to volunteer for GW as a Gamesday and Grand Tournament Judge. I have won dozens of best army awards over the years, been a finalist in Golden Demon a handful of times, and most recently took Gold at CMON Expo Crystal Brush Event in Atlanta. I love painting models and I am always looking to better my craft."



I have been painting miniatures off and on for 49 years . When I was nine, I painted my rubber toy soldiers because they didn't look realistic the way they came from the store. My father is also an artist,  although he paints western scenes.  I have really gotten back into painting again more over the last 6 years, mostly because of the really nice figures coming out these days:  Kingdom Death, Knight models, Games workshop, and many others. I tend to paint more Privateer Press models than anything else,  but enjoy painting all models.  Painting is my relief valve.  I am always striving to improve.  I enjoy painting faces the most, and then of course big monsters, dragons, and minis along a similar vein.  I've been a gamer all my life.  I play Warmachine and every board game I can get my hands on. I have won a few local painting contests. I came on board at M3Studios in June 2015, and thanks to them I'm retiring from my government job, after 34 years, to fulfill my life dream of painting miniatures full time. My biggest enjoyment is when someone says "Wow that is great, just the way I envisioned it," when I give them their completed mini.

Jeff Flint


I have been hooked on gaming since High School in the early 1980s. My first gaming love was the old Avalon Hill Squad Leader Series back in 1980...went through all the modules and graduated to Advanced Squad Leader when it came out (still play btw). Then in 1986 I was introduced to the Wargames Research Group (WRG) 7th Edition Ancients rules and MicroArmor using the old "Angrief" WWII rules. I was hooked on miniature gaming from that point. Dabbling in and out with Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy and 40k and Blood Bowl...I was hooked. From 15mm to 35mm single figures to small units to full armies...I have pretty much painted it and look forward to painting more of it! (It's a sickness) More of a "Play to Paint" than a "Paint to Play" type of guy...I get my gaming enjoyment from the visual tabletop miniatures give and nicely painted models are the KEY to that visual. Best thing I love about commission painting is I get to paint the stuff I don't run in my games and get exposed to new figures and sculpts.

Liam Redmond

For as long as I can remember, I was interested in space and science fiction. So when I learned of Warhammer 40000, it didn’t take long for me to be hooked. Playing the game and applying the mandatory 3 layers of paint were soon not enough for me. Delving further into the lore and improving my painting are my main aspects of the hobby now, although I always enjoy the occasional games. Through painting for Clay, I was able to even further elevate my painting, and I get exposed to even more different models that I am allowed to paint. To me, commission painting is a great way to relax and help other people get nicely painted armies, while at the same time, fueling my desire to paint my own models. Everyone wins.